This is just to let you know that we are most delighted with the new roof and, as Mark says, it makes the conservatory a most attractive architectural feature of the house when seen from the end of the garden. Also, it is lovely to see the sky again and hopefully we shall be able to forgo blinds and enjoy the changing sky from the adjoining rooms as well as from inside the conservatory. We shall enjoy sitting there and drinking your very kind gift of champagne. Thank you. Mark and Liam and Charlotte all worked so hard and well to complete the installation of the roof before the rain came on Wednesday and we are grateful to them for all the care taken and for the excellent result. Please convey special thanks to them. The work done by Mark George Conservatories is of a very high standard and the service is first class. Ahmed is delighted too and he is very pleased with the lovely idigbo door and its simple and effective canopy and the double-glazed window for his study. All the work done has upgraded our house as well as making it pleasanter to live in with extra useable space. Lastly, thank you for all the work you have done towards making the installation of the roof glass go smoothly and for the extra work involved in the new door and canopy and the special double-glazing for the study window. We have appreciated being informed of the details so that we can make the right decisions. You and Mark have co-operated over the years to create a first-class company and we wish you success and prosperity in the coming years. With our very best wishes and kindest regards.