Roof Upgrades

Polycarbonate/Glass Roofs

Mark George Conservatories are able to upgrade polycarbonate roofs to double glazed roofs on timber conservatories. No longer will your conservatory be cold, grey and noisy in the rain. Instead, it will be transformed into a warm and tranquil space, your favourite room in the house that you can use all the year round.

A conservatory will take on a whole new feel with a purpose made double glazed roof, making it a cosy, useable extension to your home. Creating a cost effective, practical family space rather than an expensive ‘add on’ which has become a non-functioning area or the dumping ground of your property.

We can quote for all types of glass within the spectrum of Thermally Efficient and Solar Control Glass and will recommend the most appropriate options to suit your requirements, location and budget. Our purpose made glass units are all Argon gas filled and comply with the latest Building Regulations.

Upgrade Your Glass Roof

If your conservatory timbers are generally in good order but the glass roof is looking shabby with the room not warm enough to use in the winter, then why not replace your conservatory roof? Upgrading your roof glass will enhance your conservatory as a living space by making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Your glass units may have misted up which occurs when the seals of the double glazed units fail. Advances in both glass sealants and glass technology means that we can offer superior quality products today and a new replacement conservatory roof can totally transform your conservatory and enhance your living space.

You may want to consider using Anti-sun Tinted glass to reduce the glare and UV damage caused by the sun, particularly if your conservatory is South facing and gets alot of sun. Also improving the ventilation in the conservatory by installing roof ventilators will allow heat to escape and air to circulate in the room without the need to always open the windows and doors.

If thermal efficiency and keeping your energy bills down is a priority for you then we keep abreast of the latest advances in glass technology. Products featuring multi-functional glass coatings are now available so we are able to offer you the optimum energy saving glass on the market, with an optimum ‘U’ value of 1.0.

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